Living the Dream: Confidence Wins!

One of the best things about living the dream every day is the sense of self-confidence it gives me.  Now, I’ve never really had a problem with confidence and once upon a time when I was doing a meditation on success, the speaker instructed to “think of the most confident person you know.”  I had to stop the meditation and give real thought to that one.  I mean, I know a number of people who “display” confidence for a show-persona, performers who throw their arms out and their head back in a declaration of “here I am, just wonderful,” but I detect little substance in that declaration and it is just so much bravado.  I know people who have a strut of superiority, but if you watch them long enough, you realize, it’s just a façade (attorneys and politicians are famous for this one).  But true self-confidence?  The complete acceptance of what you are, what you have to offer, a true knowledge of your capabilities?  Hmm… I could think of very few people who are truly self-confident.peggy-2

What Are the Signs of Self-Confidence?

So began my research on self-confidence.  I felt that I have self-confidence in most situations, and certainly in my day-to-day life and interactions with people, I am often quite surprised at how many people lack a belief in themselves.  My reading on self-confidence has led me to some interesting information, and, in particular, an article written by Jeff Haden, a contributing writer at (for the full article, click here).

I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but in large part, I think he’s absolutely right.  A big show of braggadocio or scene-stealing doesn’t indicate self-confidence (no matter how many of those performing believe it does).  Rather, self-confidence is more observation.  As Mr. Haden says, self-confident people don’t have to always be right, they just aren’t afraid of being wrong.  They own their mistakes.  They listen.  Those are interesting traits of self-confidence, traits that are not immediately discernible.

When Self-Confidence Matters

So when does self-confidence matter the most?  In my particular field—acting—I think it matters even MORE than training or “methods.”  Why?  Because self-confidence enables me to be unafraid to try new things, it gives me the freedom to explore whatever a director needs from the role I am portraying.  I try things:  different intonations, different “voice,” different attitudes for my characters.  I am not afraid to appear naked before the world, or older or ugly or …. you know, fat.  I believe that self-confidence causes people to be attracted to someone, and they may not even realize the basis of that attraction.  Self-confidence gives a director comfort that you will deliver the performance he envisions—this is essential since EVERY film has a set budget, and actors who cannot easily perform their role and deliver the character needed increase the production costs.

Self-Confidence Makes Others Comfortable

That’s the most interesting result of having self-confidence that I have found.  MY having confidence in who I am makes other people comfortable with me.  Who knew that would be the case?

Improving Your Sense of Self-Confidence

No matter what field you have chosen, self-confidence can make a difference, open doors, and provide opportunities.  For my personal tips on improving your self-confidence, watch my Youtube Video on self-esteem in my series “30 Days to More Joy in Your Life” by clicking here.

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    You got it going on Girl Proud of you . Keep that winning spirit.

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