Living A Dream: Here’s Great Protection!

I have to say that even while living my dream, I easily recognize the constant need for and importance of protection. In these days of random attacks, unprovoked assaults and some of the violence that we see on the news every day, I am always on the lookout for innovative ways to protect myself, and I am excited to tell you about the latest one I’ve found.

SL-Large EDTEverybody Needs an Ink Pen

Everyone carries an ink pen or two, right? What college student doesn’t constantly have one close at hand?  This particular pen IS a pen… and can also help you protect yourself in the event of an assault.  Made from some kind of super-strength something-something, the Hoffman Richter Survival Pen is a source of protection that is perfectly legal ANYWHERE–even on airplanes!

Who Needs Such a Pen?

I think EVERY WOMAN who finds herself walking alone at night–party-going ladies, theater-going ladies, actors, and business people and COLLEGE STUDENTS–needs a source of protection and the courage to USE IT.  I intend to buy one for each of my daughters.  When my grandbabies get to college, they’ll have one.  There have been times in my life when I needed such an item and didn’t have one handy.  Why, you might need one just voting in the presidential election this year, because it seems EVERYONE is ready to fight about it all (yes, as silly as that seems).

Parents and Grandparents:  Your Daughters and Granddaughters Need This Kind of Protection

Click on the links, watch the videos, and decide for yourself whether you agree that the women in your life would walk safer with one of these pens.  I believe if this can save a single woman from a traumatic assault–if it can provide a means of protection and ultimate safety for even one person–then it will be a treasure.  I feel strongly enough about it that I’m advertising it on my websites.

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