All along the Chase and Living the Dream, one of the things I knew—but it didn’t live in my guts until recently—was that I took that leap WITHOUT A SAFETY NET.  There was no Plan B, no Back-Up Plan, no life preserver for what might happen if I couldn’t make it.  Think about that for just a minute.  There was NOTHING to pull me out if I got in over my head except my faith and my perseverance.  I guess it’s a good thing I was short-sighted, because otherwise, I may have continued to live in fear and stay right where I was:  safe and completely unsatisfied.

Failure Was Not An Option

It’s funny, because I don’t really consider myself a short-sighted person in most things.  I plan for things, look at the bigger picture, weigh the risks, prepare for emergencies, and all the other things that a responsible person does.  So I have asked myself how I was able to completely abandon a stable, safe, secure life and pursue the crazy, exciting, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes disappointing, extremely unpredictable life of an actor—WHEN I WAS CARELESS IN NO OTHER AREA OF MY LIFE!  And the answer was quite revealing:  FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION.

The “Knowing”

The Little Round Peg! on a Billboard!

The Little Round Peg! on a Billboard!

I realize there are folks who consider me completely foolish, folks who would never even consider doing what I did, people who have no inkling what episode of insanity made me believe for an instant that I could—in my situation (age/weight/Southern)—be successful in Hollywood as an actor. And, honestly, I know those people exist and I care not a whit how silly they think I am.  Because I have lived with a “knowing” along every difficult step of the way:  I KNEW that success would be mine.  I KNOW that despite all the odds against me, despite the millions of people who dream of acting and go home defeated, despite all the people with whom I am competing for roles:  I AM MEANT TO LIVE MY DREAM.

The Fun Part

And so the fun part of it all is this:  I am right slap in the middle of living it.  I have seen me on the big screen, I have seen my name roll by on the credits, I have worked with A-List actors and a brilliant, very successful director.  I have begun receiving interview requests, photo requests with “fans” (that seems like a foreign word to me!).  I have seen myself on a billboard, my name on movie posters, my picture in NATIONAL magazines and newspapers all over the world.  I’m in a video with almost 3 MILLION views!  It’s just begun, and I’m all the way in it for FUN.


Thanks for being here!


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