Living the Dream: Support is Vital

One of the most important things needed during the dream chase (and living the dream) is the support of family and friends.  It’s not something that most actors/dreamers/doers talk about for fear of sounding weak and needy and ineffective.  The simple fact that one takes the initiative to listen to their heart’s calling, though, is proof enough that we’re NOT weak or needy or ineffective.  The truth is that chasing one’s dream is harder than hard.  The fact that there are MILLIONS doing the same thing here, literally MILLIONS of people who are going through the same routine–submitting, auditioning, waiting, hoping, praying, always expectant and anxious for the next break or role or connection–doesn’t make it any easier.


If you’re lucky–and I am–you’ll meet a friend or two whose dreams, goals, and ideals align with your own and you’ll have a FRIEND with whom you can share the darkest times without feeling that you’ve belittled yourself.

VERY Lucky

And if you’re VERY lucky–and I am–then you’ll have a partner or mate who believes in you enough to share it all with you, someone who will share the uncertainties, the highs and the lows, the excitement and the disappointment, someone who believes in you, no matter what.  Thank GOD for that person!


And if you’re EXCEEDINGLY fortunate and blessed by The Creator–and I am–you’ll also have people “back home” who support and believe in you, too.  Those are the cousins who follow your work, share your success, and tell you what an inspiration you are, the childhood and former-life friends who talk about you when they all get together, toast your every success, and tell you how proud they are of you.


From Pegram to Hollywood!

And if you’re OVER THE TOP rich in love, you’ll have those people who VISIT you when there’s a chance.  And I have to say, I am OVER THE TOP in it all.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been treated to visits with several of my friends and family members, and I have to say it is ALWAYS a breath of fresh air.  Just to bask in the warmth and closeness of people who love you, who have loved you for many years, is revitalizing and affirming.  It’s a special treat, and I appreciate it much.  The latest of these was just last night when a childhood friend visited, someone with whom I began school in first grade, played basketball in elementary school, shared great fun and great loss, and with whom I graduated high school.  After high school, life got busy, and we all pretty much lost touch for years.  In the past several years, though, a number of us have reconnected.  When I left Nashville to pursue my dreams, “the girls” got together to wish me well, and have followed my ups and downs along the way.  Gwen was the first to visit, and it was delightful to see her again, meet her husband, and catch up on 40 years of happenings.  Rekindling friendships is a wonderful thing, and I wish it for everyone who is chasing a dream.

ALL of these folks–the childhood and work friends, the new friends, the relatives and partners and lifemates–breathe new life into me when I’m needing a pick-me-up, and  I thank God for you all.

Thanks for being here!

DREAM BIG–It’s the ONLY way to dream!




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