Living the Dream:  Surprise Garden Update

Since I’m living my dream, and one of my dreams is to start growing organic, nutritious vegetables for my family, I thought I’d give you all the Garden Tower 2 (which I call my “Surprise Garden”) update.

I can plant this right from my walker.

Easy Peasy

As I thought, the Garden Tower 2 is really simple to put together, especially because I watched the videos on the Garden Tower 2 website.  But here’s a mistake you don’t wanna make (that I did).  It was SO easy, that I just started stacking the rounds and making sure the pegs were in the holes… and COMPLETELY forgot about the compost middle-thingy with the holes.  When I got all the rounds together, I sat back and looked at it and realized I’d forgotten something!  Yep, I had to take it back apart and start again.  So be SURE you do a round wavy thing, and then the holey cylinder, and then a round wavy thingy, and then another holey cylinder thingy, until you get all the way to the top, where you add the last holey thing and its cover.  Think you’re done?  NAW!


Easy Peasy to Plant (The second time I had on gloves).

Now when you look in the top trough, you’ll find 9 little holes for zip-ties, so here’s the deal.  You place one zip-tie but don’t make it tight, and then skip two holes and place another zip-tie, again, not too tight; then skip two holes and place the third zip-tie.   Now you’re ready to place another three zip-ties, which will leave you with three pairs of zip-ties each pair separated from the others by one blank spot between them.  Now you can tighten the zip-ties just a bit at a time (don’t do too much at once because you don’t want to pull the cylinder off-kilter, you just want to tighten it a little to support it).

Tips and Tricks from the Little Round Peg!

Okay, so one of the things I don’t much talk about is that I have to do most everything from one of the rollator walkers.  You see, when I left Nashville, the stress of the move sent my health into a nosedive, and I’ve ended up quite mobility challenged because of extreme muscle cramps and spasms.  Nuff said about that, but the point is this:  EVEN FROM A WALKER, I CAN PLANT A GARDEN.  It’s a good height for me to reach the bottom rows, it’s easy to turn as I plant and tend, and I can stand to reach the top tier to plant or tend, right beside my walker for stability.  There are also TIPS you should know if you’re not a big, robust farmer-type, tips that can help people even like me (a 300-pound weakling) plant and enjoy a garden.


I truly wanted to do everything by myself in setting up my garden because I wanted to be SURE that when I said someone who is physically-challenged can do it, that I was telling the absolute truth because I did it myself.  However, I didn’t give thought to the impossibility of my lifting the huge heavy bags of potting soil, and when we got them home… I simply couldn’t do that part alone.  I required the muscle-power of my super-hero husband, Robert (please tell him I referred to him this way, he’ll love it).  So here’s the deal:  I cut the bags open, and reached in and broke up the clods of soil; Robert hoisted the bags up high enough for me to reach in and rake the soil into the tower, and while I raked soil in, I turned the tower, too.  Like the instructions said, when we got the first two rounds filled with dirt, I stopped and pulled dirt into the pockets (sitting on my walker), and then Robert added 3 gallons of water.  Honestly, I would’ve watered from the garden hose wand without really measuring the water, but he was fine with putting it into a watering can and then adding the water.

I still have some slots to fill, but it’ll get done a bit at a time.

TIP NO. 2:  USE GARDEN GLOVES (This probably should have been Tip No. 1)

I didn’t use gloves, and I will tell you that the dirt got under my nails and my cuticles and did its best to bury into my sweet, soft Southern skin, and I had to scrub until my hands were raw.  Don’t do it my way; take my advice and use gloves from the outset.

TIP No. 3:  Don’t Lose Your Seed Chart Like Me

Now, I planted most of my plants from seeds and only started with a few purchased starter plants.  It is helpful to have the little stick in the dirt telling you what a plant is.  Naturally, these come with the purchased starter plants but not with packs of seeds.  So if you plant seeds for your starter plants, don’t lose your chart of what is planted where, because the first little green leafs peeping through the dirt look alike, whether they’re tomatoes or watermelons or cilantro.

TIP No. 4:  Have a good time with this.

Your neighbors may make fun of you at first, but they will want tomatoes come summertime.

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