Living the Dream: What does Robert DeNiro Do?

Sometimes I ask myself, “What does Robert DeNiro do day-to-day?” Of course, you can substitute Mr. DeNiro’s name with that of any big star, because, frankly, it’s not that I wonder specifically about Mr. DeNiro, but that I wonder about big celebrities in general. I mean, day-too-day, when they’re not filming on a set somewhere, what do they do? Now, you might ask yourself exactly why I would even think about such things. And so, I’ll tell you.

Living an Exciting Life

Filming in bed… looks exciting, doesn’t it?

There are people who think that I lead an exciting life. There are several people who think that, actually, because Robert and I get told quite often, “Oh, you lead such exciting lives!” And we just look at each other, completely amused. Robert—ever the sarcastic—usually responds with something like, “Yeah, we do. You should see us: half an hour into a movie, both of us asleep in the recliner by 7:30.”

So the truth, I suspect, is that everyone, no matter what their level of celebrity, just “hangs out” in their off-time. You know, when they’re working, it is exciting and fun and hard work; and when they’re promoting their projects, it’s exciting and fun and hard work. But in down time, I imagine they’re like everyone else. Watching something on TV, reading, sitting in the yard, spending time with friends, cooking meals and just putzing around the house. They may putz in a fancier house or sit in a larger yard or have celebrity friends they spend time with, but I suspect what they do in their off time is much like what the rest of us do.

What Is Truly Special in Life?

I LOVE the opportunity to act, the chance to perform my craft, use the training I’ve had in developing and portraying characters, and do what my soul has longed to do since I was a small child. I admit that my heart sings when I’m allowed these opportunities because I am following a dream that I had denied for decades. And don’t get me wrong—that feeling is wonderful and rewarding and satisfying. But do you want to know what is truly SPECIAL in life? It’s the family members and life-long friends I have who cheer me on, who applaud my accomplishments, who are proud and tickled to see me living my dream. THOSE people give me the strength and drive to do what I do. THOSE people make the difficult times easier, even if they never even know about the difficult times. Just knowing that they are rooting for me, happy for me, and love me provides a safe place for me.
And so, now I have to wonder, does Robert DeNiro have family and friends from his childhood that get together whenever he’s back home? If he doesn’t, then he’s not as lucky as me, is he?

Thank you and my love to you all!

DREAM BIG! It costs the same as a small dream and is much more fun!

Thanks for being here!


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