Moving Across the Country

Moving across the country is a SCARY thing to consider doing.  There are a million questions to be answered, not the least of which is WHERE we want to be.  In essence, we’d love to be within 20 or 25 minutes of Hollywood.  That means we could be in Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Mission Hills.  Maybe Sylmar or Pacoima.  Each of these has some nice areas, and some great 55+ mobile home communities, which is where we plan to land.  And of course, we’re working at a distinct disadvantage right now because we’re working via the internet and Googlemaps and photos.  MHVillage seems to have some great offerings and advantages, Craigslist not so much, but I’m watching these–and others–almost every day to keep abreast of what’s being offered.

There is also the consideration of moving a bit further from Hollywood and having a much less expensive place.  I have actually really fallen for a 55+ mobile home community in Hemet, California, which is about 2 hours away from where I would love to be.  This particular community has a free golf course for the residents, which means LOTS of greenery, and I like that.  They have a beautiful pool, and the manager of the complex seems to be exceptionally helpful.  We talked about several different homes, two of which are on the golf course and very affordable.  Did I say the complex has a beautiful pool?  And a great fitness center?  And gorgeous shuffle board courts?  They do.  He also told me that one of the homes has orange trees in the yard, and said the many of the residents have lemon, orange and grapefruit trees in their yards.  He said that the fruit is abundant and goes to waste because they can’t eat it all.

Send Me Some Lemons!

So I have to say that when I’m in the LA area, I have been laughed at for standing and gawking at the lemon trees.  I LOVE seeing lemons growing on a tree.  Does that make me a true redneck?  I’d guess it does.  I make some great lemon cookies, and I stood behind Croley’s Jamaican Restaurant in NoHo and waved my arms, exclaiming “Look, Robert! Lemons… thousands of lemons!  Do you know how many lemon cookies I could make with this tree in my yard?”  Now, WOULD I make all those lemon cookies?  No, probably not.  But I COULD if I wanted to.  I COULD if I needed to.  I just love lemons.

In fact, I love lemons so much that I put a posting on Craigslist asking someone to send me some, so sure was I that there were people who had more than they’d ever use.  Nobody sent me any lemons, though.  It was sad.

Back to the Question at Hand:  Where to Move Across the Country

 We don’t yet know.  I’m debating.  Closer and more convenient and expensive?  Further away and less convenient and much more affordable?  If living further away means we could pay for the home outright and owe only the monthly lot rent, that might make my life much much easier, and would be conducive to a better writing career.  On the other hand, living closer–while more expensive–would allow for more socialization with the producers and entertainment industry folks and may well more easily open doors for work in the industry, whether producing or writing or acting or whatever.  It’s a quandary.  A conundrum.  I don’t yet know what to do.

Selling a Cabin on Lake Malone

cabinnewAnd then there’s the cabin we need to sell in Kentucky.  I know that the dead of winter isn’t a good time to move a lake-view cabin.  But I sure would make someone a heckuva deal on it, because the sooner I can get out from under that note, the sooner I can chase my dreams.  Again, a conundrum.

So just in case any of you knows anyone who wants a tiny little lake-view fishing or writer’s cabin on Lake Malone in Lewisburg, Kentucky, I’m attaching a photo.  It’s a peaceful place where the meals always taste better than anywhere else.  Sitting on the front porch with a good book is a slice of heaven.  I just need to sell it so the Dream Chase is on.

 In the meantime, Dream BIG.



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