New Category: “It Ain’t Right”

I want to announce that later this week, I am going to begin a section called “It Ain’t Right.” That’s a saying we have in the South when something is  unjust, unreasonable, or just ludicrous.  Examples of “It Ain’t Right” might include:

  • A woman who worked hard to put her husband through medical school and when his practice gets off the ground, he dumps her and leaves her with nothing.  It ain’t right.
  • An employee who works hard to make a difference at his or her company and when there’s a promotional opportunity, the boss hires his main squeeze for it rather than the loyal, hard-working employee.  It ain’t right.
It Ain't RIGHT! So We're Gonna Fight!

It Ain’t RIGHT!
So We’re Gonna Fight!

You get the idea.  So I’ll be featuring stories about things that are unjust, unreasonable, and unfair, in the hopes that sometime, somewhere, it will attract the attention of SOMEONE who can MAKE things right.

Why am I doing this?  Because I am an activist and a patriot.  When I see things that are unfair, I work hard to change them.  I don’t like it when things just aren’t right.  And if you have a story of something that just “ain’t right,” forward information about it by sending a comment and I’ll follow up on it as soon as I can.  Thanks!



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