The Original Networker: My Friend Judith

I have a friend named Judith who was networking before networking was even called networking.  Judy is one of the smartest, most creative, big-hearted people I have ever known.  Truly.  She befriends folks that most people will only look down their noses at, and then she discovers the MOST INTERESTING things about them.  She listens when that little voice inside is trying to tell her something…  she picks up on things that are unbelievable, like vibrations of good or evil right out of the air.  Judith has the most fascinating life–not because she’s materially wealthy or extensively educated or well traveled.  She does okay in those areas.  It’s because of her propensity to put things together that pass most of us by.  For example, Judy owns a private mail box company that is also a UPS/Fed Ex location. Well, at one time, one of those companies paid her to “hold” their packages for mailing, but they decided to stop that payment (for service she continued to provide, I might add).  Now, they didn’t reduce the monthly rate they charged for her being able to sell their services, no sir.  They just quit paying her for what she did to help people send their packages processed from home. But did Judy stop giving that service?  Nope.  She said she’s met some very interesting people who are sending packages, and has some close personal friends as a result of it.  Personally, I’d’ve probably gotten a bit of an attitude and said “screw ’em! They want to quit paying me? I’ll just stop accepting packages I don’t process.”  But not Judith.  She’s always on the lookout to make new friends, meet interesting new people, expand her realm of possibilities.  And so she does.  What a great lady!



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