Weight Issues: Part 3–Personal Trainer Food

Personal Trainer Food: Day 1

I got my Personal Trainer Food delivery yesterday and spent two hours cleaning out both freezers to make room for ALL THAT FOOD!  And I’m REALLY glad I didn’t get the package that includes all three meals and snacks because I really wouldn’t have any more room in the freezers.

Meal One: Lunch

I knew Robert would be home for lunch, so I decided to prepare several servings of pan-seared salmon for him, and I also put a bowl of au gratin potatoes in the oven.  I figured that way, he could have salmon and potatoes and I would eat my Personal Trainer Meal.  I nuked two bags of the Italian green beans (I wanted enough for dinner, too)… and they looked like under-cooked green beans (because we in the South do like our green beans cooked well), so I decided to “fix ’em up” a bit.  I threw them into a skillet with chopped garlic, a little of the butter sauce, a cup of water and a beef bouillon cube, a shake or three of red pepper flakes, and a teaspoon of dehydrated onions.  And when those cooked down, I heated the Caliente Chicken Chunks.  So for lunch I had chicken and green beans.

Now, I admit I had my sewing machine and various pieces of fabric and notions at one end of the kitchen table, so I didn’t take a photo of the meal, but I can say they were REALLY GOOD.  And I wondered aloud if the serving would be adequate… it was just four chunks of chicken, so I didn’t know.  But actually, it WAS enough.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the meal tasted (the chicken is just a little spicy, and since I’d added red pepper flakes to the beans, they, too, had just a little zip to them), as well as how filling it was.

Meal Two:  Dinner

So when Robert came down to have dinner with me, he brought leftovers for his dinner, my green beans and he’d grabbed a package of the chicken sticks for my protein.

Italian Green Beans and one of the chicken sticks packs.

View 1: Italian Green Beans and one of the chicken sticks packs.

We went to the lunchroom at my office and heated our meals, and THIS TIME, I made sure to snap a picture or two of it.  The chicken had a good taste, and there was PLENTY of it.  And the green beans were even BETTER at dinner than they had been at lunch.

Italian Green Beans and chicken sticks from a different angle

View 2: Italian Green Beans and chicken sticks from a different angle

As  you can see from the photo, there was a plate full of good, and it was plenty to eat.  Now, I will say that the TASTE of the chicken sticks was good, but the texture was a bit different.  Even then, it was still a good meal (though I enjoyed the Caliente Chicken Chunks I’d had at lunch much better).  And I’ve snacked on cheese and pepperoni today since I was out of almonds.  So here are the end-of-first-day on Personal Trainer Food thoughts.  It was EASY, required NO PLANNING, took very little effort and was tasty.  It’s 10 o’clock at night, and I have a Gala apple close by in case I should get hungry or have a “sweet attack.”  A good day. And I guess that’s more than anybody wanted to know about what I ate today, but I want to chart my journey.  I promise not to tell you everything I eat every day!

Until next time, DREAM BIG!  You know I do!


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