Still Struggling With WordPress

I have to say that I haven’t had nearly enough time to build this site as I had once hoped.  I think part of that is my ongoing struggle with WordPress.  I wanted  a very simple site that allowed me to update blogs, add new links (like my videos, ebooks, etc.), and basically run some affiliate ads if I chose.  I had gone to Glen Andrews’ instructional videos and was pretty satisfied with what I had so far gotten done, but…. I was so incredibly slow and had no clue what to do.  And so…. I hired someone to help me.  And I know he’s a super-expert, I went with my list in hand of what I needed, etc.  And when I came away, I thought I had it under control.  But I later found out that I didn’t.  Some of what he said, I couldn’t remember…. some of what he did I didn’t understand (like the Google Analytics), and …. I’m simply not a WordPress person, no matter how many instructional videos I watch.  So I went to Craigslist and posted a gig to get a WordPress person to help me.  I got a few links, a number of responses, some were thorough and seemed to be helpful; some wanted $500 without ever seeing what I needed; some wanted to fix my stuff for $40, and I end up being overwhelmed with trying to explain what I need.  So I chose ONE person that had responded who seemed to be helpful in pointing out that I may just need uninstalling and then reinstalling something in order to get rid of the junk that keeps coming from the contact form John put on here.  So I wrote her…. gave her the name of my website… and I’m still awaiting a response.  Hmm….  I keep trying…  that’s all part of it, I guess…

Oh, well… Dream Big!




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