Chasing a Dream: Pushing Boulders Uphill

There are times along the Dream Chase when it feels as if I’m pushing a boulder UPHILL. That’s usually before a break-through of some kind, and the thrills of a Dream Chase far outweigh the disappointments. But … there are times when I can’t see over the boulder I’m pushing, and the darned thing hasn’t […]

Chasing a Dream: Enjoy the Journey

One of the things I believe is most important in chasing one’s dreams is ENJOYING the journey.  Is it all fun and excitement?  No, it’s not.  Sometimes, it’s hard.  Sometimes there are set-backs and disappointments and failures.  But it’s not only about the ultimate goal—whatever yours may be—it’s also about getting there in one happy, […]

Chasing a Dream: Unexpected Milestones

All along the way during my dream chase, I have had in mind certain milestones that I wanted to accomplish.  What I didn’t realize is that there would be the unexpected and unknown milestones that I would accomplish—never realizing they were possible until they were done. Three Projects I never gave thought to the fact […]

Chasing a Dream: Thrill of Auditions

A big part of chasing my dreams is, of course, being cast, and to get cast, I must audition—and THAT is something that is really thrilling to me. I know, it sounds like I’m saying that I enjoy job interviews, which almost EVERYBODY hates. But the truth is that I actually have never dreaded those […]

Chasing a Dream: 2 More Milestones Met!

When my dream chase began, I made a list of things that would constitute milestones that I would celebrate.  These included my first LA audition, my first LA filming, the first time I have two auditions in one week, attending red carpet events, meeting producers that could make a difference in my life, and more. […]