Living the Dream: I LOVE Being Me!

In all my years on this earth, I could not have imagined how often—once I actually began living the dream—I would awaken and think, “I LOVE being me!” What? I know that there are dozens of people who don’t even know me and have passed me somewhere and thought, “Oh, poor woman.” This was especially […]

Chasing a Dream: Making Mistakes

I HATE making mistakes.  Not only do I hate MAKING mistakes, I hate ADMITTING to having made a mistake.  And I desperately wish that I could say I rarely make them, but that would not be true. I knew before I ever embarked upon chasing my dreams that I would make mistakes—as in everything else […]

Chasing a Dream: Just Be Nice!

All along the dream chase, there are lessons to be learned, and this week’s lesson was “Just Be Nice!”  So, here’s the story. This Week’s Happenings You first need to know that I was filming my first principal role in a SAG feature film this week.  The day was a literal emotional rollercoaster.  From the […]