Chasing a Dream: It CHANGES You!

Changing Tastes I was thinking earlier today about how chasing a dream and now being in California has changed us–and why.  I don’t think the changes are necessarily noticeable to other folks, but they’re certainly obvious to Robert and me.  For example, Robert would only eat a few vegetables: potatoes of any kind, green beans, […]

Chasing a Dream: Enjoy the Journey

One of the things I believe is most important in chasing one’s dreams is ENJOYING the journey.  Is it all fun and excitement?  No, it’s not.  Sometimes, it’s hard.  Sometimes there are set-backs and disappointments and failures.  But it’s not only about the ultimate goal—whatever yours may be—it’s also about getting there in one happy, […]

Chasing a Dream: POTENTIAL

There is HUGE POTENTIAL One of the neatest things about Hollywood is POTENTIAL. Hundreds of thousands of people move here in pursuit of their dreams, and work 2 or 3 jobs, wait tables, make coffee, drive other folks around, answer phones and sling hamburgers with hope and their dreams alive in their hearts. With each […]

Chasing a Dream: Making Mistakes

I HATE making mistakes.  Not only do I hate MAKING mistakes, I hate ADMITTING to having made a mistake.  And I desperately wish that I could say I rarely make them, but that would not be true. I knew before I ever embarked upon chasing my dreams that I would make mistakes—as in everything else […]

Chasing a Dream: YES YOU CAN!

One of the things that I never realized until I was doing an exercise to develop a solo show is that NO ONE in my entire life ever told me “YES you CAN have your dreams.”  Realizing that was a revelation to me.  It’s not that I was told I couldn’t have my dreams—I guess […]