Living the Dream: Support is Vital

One of the most important things needed during the dream chase (and living the dream) is the support of family and friends.  It’s not something that most actors/dreamers/doers talk about for fear of sounding weak and needy and ineffective.  The simple fact that one takes the initiative to listen to their heart’s calling, though, is […]

Living the Dream: Confidence Wins!

One of the best things about living the dream every day is the sense of self-confidence it gives me.  Now, I’ve never really had a problem with confidence and once upon a time when I was doing a meditation on success, the speaker instructed to “think of the most confident person you know.”  I had […]

Chasing a Dream: POTENTIAL

There is HUGE POTENTIAL One of the neatest things about Hollywood is POTENTIAL. Hundreds of thousands of people move here in pursuit of their dreams, and work 2 or 3 jobs, wait tables, make coffee, drive other folks around, answer phones and sling hamburgers with hope and their dreams alive in their hearts. With each […]

Chasing a Dream: SO Hollywood!

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in my dream chase is to recognize things that are SO HOLLYWOOD. For the Love of All Things Fried, What Does That Mean? It actually means a LOT of things, and I’m not so sure that any of them are good. And being from the South, I […]

Chasing A Dream: Beginning Year 2

A year ago today, Robert and I left the Grand Canyon bright and early and drove into LA for what would be our Dream Chasing adventure. There are so many things we could not have anticipated or even imagined, and we have accomplished and experienced so much, including: closing on a home in 19 days […]