Chasing A Dream: OMG! I Made Moving Arrangements!

As I proceed to check Dream Chasing activities off my list, one was “Moving Arrangements.”  It’s one of those details that makes things seem so very real… so right in your face.  It’s one of the details that I’ve postponed because there was so much uncertainty happening with dates and location and … well, I […]

Chasing A Dream: Somebody Moved the Middle!

I have found that chasing a dream is like everything else in life:  just when you think you’ve tied all the ends together, somebody MOVES the middle!  And, like having children, I know that if I wait until everything is just right–enough money, enough security, enough patience, enough support… I’ll never do it! This Is […]

Chasing A Dream: Battle of the Resistance Chair

“Battle of the Resistance Chair”–April begins a new concept for making myself exercise It’s me against the Chair, folks, and I’m hoping for a perfect score of 30 for the month.  Please feel free to ASK the daily score… it helps with accountability! Daily Score:   April 1st Peggy! – 1; Resistance Chair – 0 Several weeks ago, I […]

Chasing a Dream: Acts of God

The movie “Acts of God” was one of my first signs that I really should chase my dream… all the way to Hollywood.  I hate being redundant, but I do enjoy sharing this particular story, so let me first apologize if you’re heard it so much that you’re bored with it.  (Though I have to […]