Chasing a Dream: Enjoy the Journey

One of the things I believe is most important in chasing one’s dreams is ENJOYING the journey.  Is it all fun and excitement?  No, it’s not.  Sometimes, it’s hard.  Sometimes there are set-backs and disappointments and failures.  But it’s not only about the ultimate goal—whatever yours may be—it’s also about getting there in one happy, […]

Chasing a Dream: Courage and Challenge

Since my dream chase began some two years ago, people have asked me—often—how I had the courage to quit one life in pursuit of another.  I haven’t ever actually thought of it as courage—that’s just the word other people use.  And as I was journaling this morning, that thought was foremost in my mind, so […]

Chasing a Dream: Unexpected Milestones

All along the way during my dream chase, I have had in mind certain milestones that I wanted to accomplish.  What I didn’t realize is that there would be the unexpected and unknown milestones that I would accomplish—never realizing they were possible until they were done. Three Projects I never gave thought to the fact […]

Chasing a Dream: Just Be Nice!

All along the dream chase, there are lessons to be learned, and this week’s lesson was “Just Be Nice!”  So, here’s the story. This Week’s Happenings You first need to know that I was filming my first principal role in a SAG feature film this week.  The day was a literal emotional rollercoaster.  From the […]

Chasing a Dream: SO Hollywood!

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in my dream chase is to recognize things that are SO HOLLYWOOD. For the Love of All Things Fried, What Does That Mean? It actually means a LOT of things, and I’m not so sure that any of them are good. And being from the South, I […]